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Almost one quarter of the bombs that were ordered to Afghanistan have missed their intended target and injured civilians or destroyed homes. 26,270 civilians in Afghanistan died because of these missed bombs.  The U.S. tried to make a “Smart Bomb” that would hit its intended target without missing, but that bomb missed its target and killed innocent people.

You might think of Afghanistan as a war stricken place and think it has always been like that. It actually was not.  In the 1970’s, Afghanistan was a beautiful place, was wealthy, and had lots of people. After the U.S. came to get help for fighting Russia (who also got help in 1980),  most of it got run down and destroyed because of the terrorist groups. The U.S. is going there looking for terrorist Osama Bin Laden, and after searching for a very long time we finally killed him in 2011. The U.S. still goes back there now because of the new terrorist group ISIS and trying to take them out before they do anything else bad.  Most of the terrorist groups go to Afghanistan to hide because there are tons of mountains and it is difficult to find them in the wilderness.

Afghanistan getting destroyed caused lots of people to flee and go to different countries and made them refugees.  The main reasons that Afghans are fleeing is because there are bombs going off from the U.S. and terrorists that don't always hit their intended target. The U.S. is shooting at the terrorists and some of those miss. Some U.S. soldiers mistake civilians as their enemy and they shoot them because they think they are a threat.

Most of the U.S. presidents have taken action in Afghanistan. After 9/11 Bush took action to kill Bin Laden.  After Obama was elected, he also took action and he sent lots of soldiers there and they were the ones who killed Bin Laden.  Now Trump is sending tons more troops over there for no reason and he is not going to stop sending them any time soon.

In the book, Outcasts United, my character's name is Shahir, he is from Afghanistan and he fled because of the wars, the gunfire, and all of the conflict He fled to America and found a new home in Clarkston. In addition, he found the Fugees soccer team and he decided to try out and join.  He ended up getting on the team and now he plays for the Fugees.  Life is pretty difficult for him in Clarkston because he does not have that much money and his family does not have enough food to last that long.  His family isn’t doing well financially, and he plays for the Fugees to have something to do and take his mind off of the difficulties of life.  

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