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This tour consists of almost 2 dozen stops, scattered throughout Durham and Wake Counties.  You may not be required to travel to all of them, and you won't visit them in any particular order.

Instead, the stops are listed in alphabetical order.  So, whenever you are scheduled to visit one of these places, simply choose it from the menu and get the important information you need.

You'll be able to:

  • see photos (swipe right/left) of what you'll see when you arrive,
  • get GPS directions by tapping the "Launch Map" icon,
  • know and find the best places to park and,
  • uncover which stops offer complimentary coffee!

Some stops are within a stop, for example, the DukeCard Office and the Employee Health Clinic are within (i.e. inside) the Duke University Hospital. Also, there's a section at the bottom of the menu, Training Sites, that lists the locations you may need to travel to in order to learn more about Duke, your benefits and how to use Maestro Care, the electronic medical record used across the Health System.

We're glad you're here!  Tap the Menu in the upper left corner to get started.

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