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Durham Literary Tour

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Durham is rich in writers.  Two teams from the Durham community set out to capture some of that history.  The first team were Duke retirees from the OLLI program together with Durham middle school students.  The second group was the first-ever class integrating Duke students and Durham Public School high school students. This tour highlights notable and successful works and authors, with select readings from their texts and a geographic landmark reflecting their presence in our community.

Participants including students from Duke, Durham Public School (DPS), and the Duke OLLI Program

Amazende Adi, DPS
Anagha Jandhalaya, DPS
Anansi Stephens, DPS
Bob Karski. OLLI
Dalia Belmouloud, DPS
Emma Caudle, Duke
Hendi Sui, DPS
Isabel Callaway, Duke
Jaidan Turner-Lowry, DPS
James McCormack, DPS 
Jessica Wang, Duke
Joyce Pardon, OLLI
Julia Lee, Duke
Khari Talley, DPS
Lena Geller, DPS
Mohamad Chamas, Duke
Nyrelle Cortes, DPS 
Raymond Conroy, OLLI
Sarah Staehle, Duke
Vangie Foshee, OLLI

Program Staff

David Stein, Duke PepsiCo Education Technology Program
Zoe Grueskin, Center For Documentary Studies Graduate
Mohamad Chamas, Duke PepsiCo Education Technology Program